Lecture and Reading Schedule

ENGL 345: Modern Drama

*Readings in Gerould’s Theatre/Theory/Theatre are marked with T/T/T followed by the first page number.

Week 1

Sept. 1. no class. Sept. 3. Introduction: Action and Character, Mimesis and Artifice, Naturalism and Symbolism

Week 2

Sept. 8. Aristotle, from Poetics, # 6 to #19 (T/T/T 49–62); Maeterlinck, “The Tragical in Daily Life” (T/T/T 383); Zola, “Preface to Thérèse Raquin” and “Naturalism in the Theatre” (T/T/T 353, 358); and Strindberg, “Preface to Miss Julie” (T/T/T 371). Sept. 10. Chekhov, Uncle Vanya

Week 3

Sept. 15. Uncle Vanya. Sept. 17. Uncle Vanya presentations + trailer for Vanya on 42nd Street.

Week 4

Sept. 22, 24. Ibsen, The Master Builder + Nietzsche, from The Birth of Tragedy (T/T/T 339)

Week 5

Sept. 29The Master Builder presentations. Oct. 1. Synge, Playboy of the Western World + Yeats, “The Tragic Theatre” (T/T/T 399)

Week 6

Oct. 6. Playboy of the Western World. Oct. 8. Playboy of the Western World presentations

Week 7

Oct. 13. Thanksgiving—no class. Oct. 15. Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi + Artaud, “The Theatre and its Double (First manifesto)” (T/T/T 436) + Wilde, “The Decay of Lying”

Week 8

Oct. 20. Ubu Roi. Oct. 22. Ubu Roi presentations. ***Dramaturgy exercise due***

Week 9

Oct. 27. Pirandello, Six Characters in Search of an Author + Pirandello, “A Character’s Tragedy.” Oct. 29. Six Characters... + Marinetti, “The Variety Theatre” (T/T/T 421).

*FYI: Pirandello’s preface to Six Characters

Week 10

Nov. 3. Six Characters presentations.   Nov. 5. Beckett, Endgame + Esslin, Introduction to Theatre of the Absurd

Week 11

Nov. 10. Endgame. Nov. 12. Churchill, Cloud Nine + Butler, “Performance Acts and Gender Constitution” (also in Huxley and Witts, in Concordia Library course reserves)

Week 12

Nov. 17. Endgame presentations. Nov. 19. Churchill, Cloud Nine + Brecht, “Modern Theatre is the Epic Theatre” + “Alienation Effects in Chinese Acting” (T/T/T 444)

Week 13

Nov. 24. Final test. Nov. 26.  Guest lecture by Matt Jones (founder of Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre)

Week 14

Dec. 1. Cloud Nine presentations, conclusion. ***Essay due***.

Dec. 2. Make-up presentations and course conclusions *** Make-up for Oct. 13: NB: this is a Tuesday

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