Upcoming Events

To register for events, fill out the forms linked below or contact me directly at daniel.newman{at}utoronto.ca. The list below is not exhaustive. For general information, see my Writing Support page.

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Featured below:

  1. Writing Tuesdays: a weekly writing camp (ongoing).
  2. Dissertation Working Group (Social Sciences) — biweekly on Wednesdays 10am-12pm, Jan 12 to May 4, 2022
  3. Getting Started on Writing Your Dissertation (Social Sciences and Humanities) (January 13, 1-3pm)
  4. Dissertation & Article Working Group (Life & Physical Sciences) — January 19 to February 26, 2022
  5. Clear, Effective Scientific Writing Series (four workshops: you can attend any and all) — dates below.
  6. A First Glance at … Turning a Dissertation Chapter into an Article (Humanities) — February 3, 2022

Don’t see something for you? Contact me to suggest topics for workshops or roundtables in your department. It takes a while to turn suggestions into actual workshops, so it’s never too early to ask about workshops or other events.

Selected Winter2022 Events and Groups

Writing Tuesdays (9:45-3:00 weekly): Starting in January 2021, I have been hosting a weekly writing camp on Zoom. New members are always welcome; though designed for grad students from the Faculty of Arts & Science, the group welcomes faculty, postdocs and grad students from other units too. The camp will start again for its 2021-2022 year on September 7, but you can join anytime. For more info, see here. To join, fill out this form.

Dissertation Working Groups (DWGs) (Jan-Apr 2022): these groups of doctoral candidates meet biweekly to workshop drafts of the dissertation in progress. We also do small writing exercises and learn relevant principles of dissertation and article writing. Please read more about the DWG here before completing this form to express your interest in participating. Groups are capped at 10 participants.

Getting Started on Writing Your Dissertation (Humanities & Social Sciences), Thurs. Jan. 13, 1-3pm. When is it time to stop researching and start writing? HOW can I start writing? Do I know enough to write? This workshop, mainly discussion but also featuring some pre-writing and writing strategies for starting on your first chapter, is designed for doctoral candidates (ABD) in Humanities or Social Sciences. You can sign up for it here.

Dissertation & Article Working Group for life & physical scientists (Jan 19-Feb 26 2022). These groups (DAWGs) provide a structure and community to help graduate students write more, faster and better by reducing common impediments like isolation, insecurity, anxiety, lack of accountability and lack of feedback. The Winter 2022 DAWG will run on Wednesdays from 1-3pm from Jan. 19 to Feb. 23 (including a break on Feb. 9). You can read more about these groups here and, if you still are interested after reading through the description, you can fill this form to express your interest.

Turning a Dissertation Chapter into a Journal Article (Humanities), Thursday February 3, 10am-12pm. This workshop is for graduate candidates in a Humanities field who are working on a “Big Book” style dissertation (as opposed to a “article-based” or “three-paper” dissertation). It is a discussion-based workshop, where a short presentation will be combined with Q&A and informal talk about how to envision and perform the revision of a dissertation chapter into a journal article (or edited book chapter). Enrol here.

Clear, Effective Scientific Writing Series. This popular series gives scientific writers practical strategies for improving their prose. You can sign up for one or more of these workshops by completing this form. This winter, I will be offering four workshops in this series.

  1. “De-cluttering Your Prose,” an old favourite (Thursday February 10, 10-12pm).
  2.  “Being Strategic about Sentence Construction” (Wednesday March 2, 1-3pm)
  3.  “Being Strategic about Paragraphing”  (Wednesday March 16, 1-3pm).
  4. “Writing Effective Introductions” (Wednesday April 13, 10am-12pm)

Coming up in Spring 2022 (dates TBD)

Working Groups for Post-Doctoral Research Proposals (Banting, SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, etc). The groups meet for three times over six weeks in May-June to learn about and work together on the research proposal component of a Post-Doctoral Fellowship application. There will be two groups: one for Social Sciences/Humanities, and one for Life/Physical Sciences. Groups are capped at 8 and selection will be very competitive; priority will be given to those applying for a Banting fellowship and/or those applying to a postdoc for a second or third time. You can read more about them and express your interest in participating here. (Before filling this form, you should probably talk to your supervisor about whether you’ll be ready to apply for a post-doc in the fall of 2022. It’s possible to apply too early…)

Module on Writing Strong Post-Doc Research Proposals. A two-session module: the first session outlines strategies for writing an effective research proposal; the second offers a chance to have your draft proposal read and workshopped by two of your peers. This module will be offered in separate versions for Social Scientists/Humanists and Life/Physical Scientists. This is the early version of the module, designed to get you started long before the deadline (strongly recommended); the module will also run in the late summer/early fall of 2022, and you can attend either one, or both.