Upcoming Events

To register for events, fill out the forms linked below or contact me directly at daniel.newman{at}utoronto.ca. Note that you must provide a UofT email address to fill in the forms. The list below is not exhaustive. For general information, see my Writing Support page.

Featured below:

  1. Writing Tuesdays: a weekly writing camp (January 12, 2021 – ).
  2. Clear Science Writing, Part II: De-cluttering Your Scientific Prose (April 29)
  3. Clear Science Writing, Part I: Making Your Prose Flow and Hold Together (May 18)
  4. Clear Social Science Writing (May 28)
  5. Working Groups for Post-Doctoral Research Proposals (Humanities & Social Sciences)–May-June 2021
  6. Clear Humanities Writing (June 4)
  7. Informational Clinic + Peer-Review Sessions for Post-Doctoral Research Proposals–June 2021
  8. Getting Started on Your Dissertation (Literary Humanities) (June 28)

Don’t see something for you? Contact me to suggest topics for workshops or roundtables in your department.

Selected 2021 Events

Writing Tuesdays (9:30-3:00 weekly): Starting on January 12, 2021, I have been hosting a weekly writing camp on Zoom. New members are always welcome; though designed for grad students from the Faculty of Arts & Science, the group welcomes faculty, postdocs and grad students from other units too. For more info, see here. To join, fill out this form.

Clear Scientific Writing, Part III: De-Cluttering Your Prose. Unlike most of my workshops, which focus on revision, this one will focus on the kinds of changes authors should generally leave till just before submission, specifically making things more concise by strategically detecting common patterns associated with wordiness. Thursday April 29, 2021, from 1-3pm. Register here.

Clear Scientific Writing, Part I: Making Your Prose Flow and Hold Together. This workshop provides a few simple but effective strategies for improving the flow and coherence of your writing. Tuesday May 18, 2021, from 1-3pm. Register here.

Postdoc Proposals Working Groups: spring is the time to start writing proposals for postdoc applications due in the fall. These working groups offer a chance to learn about proposal writing and to get early drafts reviewed and revised. There are two groups, both for applicants in Humanities or Social Sciences. They meet on alternating Thursdays 1-3pm: May 6, May 20 and June 3 (PPWG1) and May 13, 27 and June 10 (PPWG2). Cap is 8 participants. Register here.

Some Principles of Clear Academic Writing (Social Sciences / Humanities). Two versions of this workshop will be held this spring: one for researchers in Social Sciences (Friday May 28, 10am-12pm) and one for researchers in Humanities (Friday June 4, 10am-12pm). You can register here.

Postdoc Proposal Modules: these are two-session modules, the first covering proposal-writing principles for those applying to SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC, Banting or other postdocs, the second offering a chance to submit a short, early draft of the research proposal for peer-review. For Humanities/Social Sciences, the two sessions are on Tuesday June 15 and June 22 from 1-2:30pm. For Life/Physical Sciences, the two sessions are Thursday June 17 and June 24 from 10-11:30am. Register here.

Getting Started on Your Dissertation: Writing and Revision Strategies (“literary” humanities). This workshop, which combines some instruction with discussion and Q&A, is offered for recent doctoral candidates in literary fields including English, Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies, Drama, German and others. It will be on June 28, 1-3pm. You can register here.