Upcoming Events

To register for events, fill out the forms linked below or contact me directly at daniel.newman{at}utoronto.ca. The list below is not exhaustive. For general information, see my Writing Support page.

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Featured below:

  1. Writing Tuesdays: a weekly writing camp (ongoing).
  2. Module of Postdoctoral Research Proposals (Social Sciences & Humanities) — late August 2022
  3. Fall 2022 SSHRC/NSERC/CIHR/Vanier workshops–multiple workshops: see dates below.
  4. Module of Postdoctoral Research Proposals (Life & Physical Sciences) — late Sept / early Oct 2022
  5. Clear Scientific Writing workshop series (five workshops, 1-3pm on first Monday of the month — Oct 2022 to Feb 2023)
  6. Clear Humanities/Social Science Writing workshop series (three workshops, 1-3pm on third Thurs of the month–Oct to Dec 2022)
  7. Dissertation Working Group (Humanities) — biweekly on Fridays 10am-12pm, Jan – Apr 2023
  8. Dissertation Working Group (Social Sciences) — biweekly on Wednesdays 10am-12pm, Jan – Apr 2023

Don’t see something for you? Contact me to suggest topics for workshops or roundtables in your department. It takes a while to turn suggestions into actual workshops, so it’s never too early to ask about workshops or other events.

Selected 2022 adn 2023 Events and Groups

Writing Tuesdays (9:45-3:00 weekly): Starting in January 2021, I have been hosting a weekly writing camp on Zoom. New members are always welcome; though designed for grad students from the Faculty of Arts & Science, the group welcomes faculty, postdocs and grad students from other units too. The camp is run by graduate students over the summer; I will return in early September. But you can join anytime. For more info, see here. To join, fill out this form.

Module on Writing Strong Post-Doc Research Proposals. A two-session module: the first session outlines strategies for writing an effective research proposal; the second offers a chance to have your draft proposal read and workshopped by two of your peers. This module will meet twice: first for an overview of writing strategies for research proposals (Aug 22, 1-3pm for Social Sciences and Humanities; Sept 29, 1-3pm for Life and Physical Sciences), then for a peer-review session (Aug 26, 1-3pm for Humanities and Social Sciences; October 6, 1-3pm, for Life and Physical Sciences). You can sign up here.

Graduate Research Proposal workshops. (Fall 2022). Multiple workshops designed for various fields and/or departments. See schedule below. Signup form here.

Clear Scientific Writing Workshop Series (virtual, one Monday 1-3pm per month: Oct 2022-Feb 2023). You can attend all or some of the following workshops in this annual series: Writing Abstracts to Outline, Revise and/or Summarize an Article, Chapter or Conference Paper (Oct 3); Introductions (Nov 7); Simple Strategies for Improving Paragraphs (Dec 5); Simple Strategies for Improving Sentences (Jan 16); and Decluttering Your Scientific Prose (Feb 6). You can sign up by filling this form

Clear Writing Workshop Series in Humanities and Social Sciences (virtual, one Thursday 1-3pm per month: Oct 2022 to Dec 2022). The topics and dates of the three workshops are Writing Abstracts to Outline, Revise and/or Summarize an Article, Chapter or Conference Paper (Oct 13); Foregrounding Your Research “Voice” (Nov 17); and Decluttering Your Prose (Dec 15). You can sign up for this series, or any number of workshops within it, by filling this form

Dissertation Working Groups (DWGs) (Jan – Apr 2022): these groups of doctoral candidates meet biweekly to workshop drafts of their dissertation in progress. We also do small writing exercises and learn relevant principles of dissertation and article writing. I am now accepting expressions of interest for participants in the two Fall 2022 groups, one for Humanities and another for Social Sciences (both meet on Wednesdays 10am-12pm). Please read more about the DWG here before completing this form to express your interest. Groups are capped at 9 participants.

Dissertation & Article Working Group (DAWG) (Feb-Mar 2023). Like the DWG above, but adapted to the writing practices of life and physical scientists. The next DAWG will be running weekly on Thursdays 4-6pm from February 2 to March 9, 2022, with a break on Feb 23. These are planned to be in person. Groups are capped at 6-8 participants. Please read more about the DWG here before completing this form to express your interest.

Fall 2022 Research Proposal workshops for Tri-Council scholarship (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, Vanier)

I’ve scheduled most of my field-based workshops on writing strong proposals for NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR and/or Vanier applications. Enrollment for all the workshops below is through this FORM.

ENGLISH: Wednesday August 24, 10am-12pm and August 31, 10am-12pm (on Zoom)

CHEMISTRY: Wednesday August 24, 1-3pm (on Zoom)

VANIER Proposals for Humanities & Social Sciences: Wednesday August 31, 1-3pm

PHYSICS and ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS: Thursday September 1, 10am-12pm on Zoom

BIOLOGY (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Cell & Systems Biology; Evolutionary Anthropology): Thursday September 1, 1-3pm on Zoom

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Friday September 2, 1-3pm on Zoom

LINGUISTICS (including linguistics in language departments): Wednesday September 7, 1-3pm

ETHNOGRAPHY & ARCHAEOLOGY fields (Anthropology, Religious Studies, Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, etc): Thursday September 8, 10am-12pm on Zoom

MATH and STATISTICS (NSERC Committee 177): Friday September 9, 1-3pm

POLITICS and related fields (Economics, Social Psychology, etc): September 12, 1-3pm

GEOGRAPHY (Physical) and EARTH SCIENCES (NSERC Committee 168): September 13, 10am-12pm

HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY (SSHRC Committee 2, including historical and philosophical research in NMC, Religion, Philosophy, History, History & Philosophy of Science, East Asian Studies, Classics): Wednesday September 14, 1-3pm

GEOGRAPHY & PLANNING and related fields (Criminology, Sociology, etc): Friday September 16, 12-2pm

LITERATURES/DRAMA/CINEMA/ART (SSHRC Committee 1): Monday September 19, 4-6pm

MASTER’S SSHRC (Thursday Nov 10, 10am-12pm)

MASTER’S NSERC/CIHR (Thursday Nov 10, 1-3pm)