Upcoming Events

To register for events, fill out the forms linked below or contact me directly at daniel.newman{at}utoronto.ca. Note that you must provide a UofT email address to fill in the forms. The list below is not exhaustive. For general information, see my Writing Support page.

Featured below:

  1. Writing Tuesdays: a weekly writing camp (January 12, 2021 – ).
  2. Informational Clinic + Peer-Review Sessions for Post-Doctoral Research Proposals (Spring Edition)–June 2021
  3. Getting Started on Your Dissertation (Literary Humanities) (June 28)
  4. Informational Clinic + Peer-Review Sessions for Post-Doctoral Research Proposals (Fall Edition)–August 2021 (SSHRC) and Sept/Oct (NSERC/CIHR)
  5. Workshops on Writing Research Proposals for Tri-Council Graduate Scholarships (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC, Vanier)–late August through early October
  6. Dissertation Working Groups (Humanities and Social Sciences)–starting September 2021

Don’t see something for you? Contact me to suggest topics for workshops or roundtables in your department. Writing support activities are slowing down somewhat from June – late August 2021. But it’s never too early to ask about workshops or other events in the fall.

Selected 2021 Events

Writing Tuesdays (9:30-3:00 weekly): Starting in January 2021, I have been hosting a weekly writing camp on Zoom. New members are always welcome; though designed for grad students from the Faculty of Arts & Science, the group welcomes faculty, postdocs and grad students from other units too. The camp will continue, run by students, over the summer, and will open again for new participants on August 31, 2021. For more info, see here. To join, fill out this form.

Postdoc Proposal Modules (Fall Edition): same format as the Spring Edition above, but closer to the submission deadlines. For Humanities/Social Sciences, the two sessions are on August 24 and 26 from 1-3pm. For Life/Physical Sciences, the two sessions are September 28 and October 5 from 1-3pm. Register here.

Dissertation Working Groups (DWGs) (Sept-Dec 2021): these groups of doctoral candidates meet biweekly to workshop drafts of the dissertation in progress. We also do small writing exercises and learn relevant principles of dissertation and article writing. Please read more about the DWG here before completing this form to express your interest in participating. Groups are capped at 10 participants.

Graduate Mini-Conferences for Starting New Manuscripts (Sept 2021-): Starting a new chapter or article is always hard, and it’s easy to lose momentum. Two methods for overcoming this loss of steam are (1) to start small and (2) to share ideas and early drafts with other readers, in low-pressure situations. The monthly mini-conferences bring together these two methods. A group of doctoral candidates will gather to present 10 minute accounts of work they are only just starting on. The group will be multi-disciplinary. To register or express interest, fill out this form.

Proposal Writing Workshops for NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC and Vanier (late-August to early October 2021): these workshops are run within individual Arts & Science units, or sometimes jointly between two units (e.g. Physics and Astronomy/Astrophysics). Individual departments will announce these workshops through their graduate-student listservs; keep an eye out for these announcements in August. Most dates still TBD, but see below. If your department is listed below, you can sign up for the workshop by filling the form here.

Aug 25/Sept 8, 1-3pm: Chemistry (first session is informational, second is peer-review)

Aug 27, 1-3pm / Sept 3, 10am-12pm: English (first session is informational, second is peer-review)

Aug 30, 10am-12pm: Criminology & Sociolegal Studies

Sept 1, 1-3pm: Linguistics

Sept 2, 10am-12pm: Physics / Astronomy & Astrophysics

Sept 2, 1-3pm: Cell & Systems Biology / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Sept 8, 10am-12pm: Geography & Planning

Sept 9, 10am-12pm: Anthropology

Sept 9, 1-3pm: Mathematics

Sept 10, 10am-12pm: Industrial Relations

Sept 10, 1-3pm: Statistical Sciences

Sept 13, 10am-12pm: Political Science / Political Theory

Sept 16, 1-3pm: Women & Gender Studies

Sept 17, 1-3pm: Earth Sciences

Sept 20, 1-3pm: Drama, Theatre & Performance

Sept 22, 1-3pm: Cinema Studies / German

Sept 23, 1-3pm: Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

Sept 24, 1-3pm: Italian / Spanish / Slavic Language & Literatures